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Booking a photo shoot for your pet is a big investment, so of course you have a lot of questions! Here are some of the most common ones:

My pet isn't trained/is too hyper/is really shy! Can you still take their photos?

Yes! It'll just take a little more time to get the shots you want, and we might have to be flexible on the shots we get to make sure your pet is comfortable. I have had extensive experience working with dogs of all temperaments, energy levels, and training. I'm confident we'll be able to strike a balance!

My pet doesn't like other animals. Can you still take their photos?

Again, yes! When deciding on your shoot locations, be sure to keep this in mind. If you know the park nearby is popular with other animals, maybe pick a different park, or if you really want to go there, we can schedule the session during a less busy time. Even your own home can serve as a gorgeous backdrop!

My pet isn't allowed to be off leash. Is that a deal breaker?

Nope! I use long, black training leads to make sure no one runs off and to make the editing process go a lot faster. 

Can I dress up my pet for their photos?

You can, but I recommend against it. Outfits may make your pet uncomfortable in an already new environment, which will show in the final product. If you insist on clothing, I recommend something subtle, like a bandana, that complements your pet's coloring. I do not provide clothing or accessories.

Can my pet wear their own collar?

Yes please! Not only would it be unsafe to not have a collar on, especially while outside, the collar is very much a part of who your pet is!

Can my pet wear their harness?

Please leave harnesses at home. A harness will cover up too much of your pet and, as a result, will not be edited out. 

Still have questions? Please feel free to send me an email at!

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