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My name is Katie Noble, and this is probably the most important page on this website. Not because I'm full of myself, but because you need to know who you're working with! (Though I am pretty awesome.)

I was raised in Point of Rocks, Maryland, right where the Potomac River marks the MD-VA line. My childhood was spent outdoors, getting dirty and kicking girly stereotypes in the butt. Most importantly, I spent it with my family's English Bulldogs and a menagerie of other critters: fish, hamsters, iguanas, parakeets... anything I could convince my parents to let me keep.

Then I grew up, as unfortunately we all must do, and completed my master's degree in International Education Policy and two bachelor's degrees in Chinese and Russian. I've studied in both countries, and have even had the opportunity to conduct educational research in Cuba. Fortunately, my love for anything that boofs, squawks, or snorts hasn't dimmed in the slightest.

In my free time, I'm a bit of a geek. Nerd. Or whatever the right word is. I enjoy playing tabletop RPGs, fantasy and science fiction, video game music, drawing, and writing. I love pizza and cookies, but if my my fitness instructor asks I only eat kale and protein shakes. I volunteer with Lucky Dog Animal Rescue as a puppy foster and I'm mom to Kaylee, a blue pittie, and Ridley, a pug. You can see some of their photos in my portfolio!

So... where does the photography bit come in? It's quite a departure from where my life had been taking me. The change came after I realized I needed a new direction, so I thought about what I knew I loved: animals and art. I had begun with architectural and travel photography before I had the genius idea to combine taking pictures and animals, and so here we are! I've been practicing pet photography for about a year now and finally decided to take the plunge with Noble Paws!  

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