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Why Noble Paws?

Just being on my website says a lot about what your dog, cat, gerbil, cow, or elephant means to you. I totally get it! That's why it's so important to me that you and your pet receive the royal treatment. So how do I do that and what makes Noble Paws so special?


We all think we have the best furry friend in the world. Of course, all of us are right, and that's especially true at Noble Paws. As one of my clients, your pet will receive the highest level of care, respect, and patience. Some pets are hyper and outgoing, others shy and reserved. Some prefer not to be touched or maybe are reactive towards other animals. Some are afraid of cameras. All of that is okay.

When you book a session with me, you're not only hiring a photographer: you're hiring someone with a lifetime of experience understanding animal body language and psychology. Knowing how to interpret your pet's behavior is key to knowing when to snap away, take a break, or call it a day. If your pet is stressed or too tired, it will show in your photos.

Finally, all Noble Paws sessions are tailored to fit your pet's needs and personality. After booking, you'll receive a comprehensive survey about your pet that goes over his likes, dislikes, food preferences, energy level, and anything else you can think of. I will also ask you to send a full body image (don't worry, a smartphone pic in your living room will do!) so I can help you brainstorm complementary shoot locations. In addition, some sessions include a free pre-session meet-and-greet with your pet so that she meets me, I meet her, and she can inspect the camera equipment, to mitigate any day-of surprises.


I am not a studio. Your pet is not my seventh client of the day. When you book a Noble Paws session, you can rest assured that you have my complete attention for however long it takes to get that perfect shot of your pet. Each day I only take on two sessions - a morning and late afternoon session -  in order to maximize our time without rushing. This also means you are hiring a photographer who is well rested and ready for your pet's shoot.

In addition to attention, you also have my respect. By booking a Noble Paws session, you are making a significant investment. That's why I'm upfront with what you're getting. All prices for sessions and additions can be found on my Packages and Pricing page so you can plan ahead for how much you want to spend. I'm also happy to offer payment plans.


Humans first created art in order to tell a story. That's why I choose to photograph pets in a natural, photojournalistic style with minimal post-editing. A perfectly posed portrait taken in a studio on a crimson background looks amazing, and if that's what you like, that's great! I prefer my photos to tell a story, and in order to do that sometimes you need to get up close and personal.

That's where the "us" comes in. As a Noble Paws client, I always appreciate your ideas to make our session even better. After all, no one knows your pet better than you. Before your session, you and I will go over your expectations for the shoot, which shots are a must-have, and even what to avoid. During the session, I'll be getting down on the ground, wading into lakes, anything to make the image in your mind become reality and capture the perfect shot. 


Photographing your pet's story is a collaborative effort. I welcome you to join me in this storytelling adventure... just remember to bring your outdoor clothes!

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